Creative America Looking for Innovative Plumbers

Creative America is looking for some innovative and driven plumbers to start a think tank group aimed at improving the way plumbing is done in third world countries. Third world populations are having an extremely difficult time finding drinkable water. People are dying all over Africa and Asia as water sources are either dried up or polluted. The think tank that Creative America wants to put together would be aimed at creating cheap and reusable piping and plumbing techniques to help small towns and tribes with their polluted water supplies. Millions of people, many of them children, die every year from poor drinking water and sewage. To apply for the think tank and to make a massive difference in plumbing throughout the world head over to As you probably already know Proven Plumbers is an innovative resource for all things plumbing, and helps customers find the top local plumbers in their area.

The group will be led by a humanitarian ambassador who will help teach the plumbers what the exact problems are, then the plumbers will be able to find a suitable solution to these problems. Some of the main hurdles for the team will be how inexpensive they can make the plumbing projects, lack of resources in these rural areas, and how to keep these set-ups working for long periods of time. Creative America is determined to help others who are less fortunate than they are by providing as much technology, time, and assistance as needed in order to better this world. We are looking for hard working, caring plumbers who will take the necessary time and work ethic to help the less fortunate. If you believe you can be a helpful plumber to the rest of the world, then please contact us immediately to schedule a phone interview. Thanks and god bless.